Imagine a new kind of document that helps you understand what you read
Supercharge your documents by tagging important concepts and linking in related courses, video, and rich media. Start conversations and polls with one click
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Say goodbye to recursive googling and splitting your self-learning amongst many tabs
AfterClass is the new "just tell me what I need to know"

AfterClass is refreshingly different yet familiar. It starts off like any other document, with a blank canvas and a blinking cursor, but grows to accomodate your thoughts and ideas.
Ideas are not linear, neither is AfterClass. Dive deeper into concepts that are relevant to you, without losing context.
AfterClass is built with a connected world in mind. It works with your favorite learning material providers and has tools to foster meaningful conversation.
AfterClass is a document that empowers everybody to learn whatever they want, in the way the way they learn it best